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Christian Organisation

MissionAssist comprises a huge network of dedicated volunteers, throughout the United Kingdom and elsewhere, helping overseas mission workers advance the gospel and make scripture accessible wherever they are in the world. Working in their own homes, our volunteers provide many practical, academic and administrative services.

In the summer of 2020, I became a volunteer illustrator for MissionAssist in their literacy division, Shell Books.

This division produces booklets about subjects such as; health and hygiene to crafts, farming and practical issues. As well as booklets on scripture with bible studies and information about themes seen across the bible. 

These booklets are translated into many languages and are easily accessible for free download. 

Below is a selection of the illustrations I've completed for them over the past 2 years; ranging from books about the twelve disciples, to a book on trees in the Bible, to an instructional book on how to make fruit juice.

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